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Dealing With Hormonal Imbalance

Post By:  Olaide Buraimoh

I like to think about Women’s hormones as a beautifully orchestrated dance, usually flowing smoothly from one step to the next, and supporting each other but sometimes they get out of step, and step on one another, or forget to come to the party altogether!

Take this mini quiz and identify the number of questions for which your answer is ‘yes’.

Do you experience:

  • Hormonal acne, breakouts?
  • Irregular menstrual cycle?
  • Diminished libido, or difficulty to orgasm?
  • Agitation, migraines, mood swings?
  • Heavy, painful periods?
  • Tender breasts?
  • Increased belly fat?
  • Trouble losing weight?
  • Have you experienced a miscarriage or trouble getting pregnant?

Every ‘yes’ is a sign of hormonal imbalance!

Oh well, there is hope. With just a few key changes in diet and lifestyle, your hormones can get back on track. I usually recommend the following:

Incorporate ginger tea into your morning routine. Don’t forget to share your experience with me as your savour the taste.

Boost your omega-3 intake with foods such Avocado and Walnuts. As a busy working mother, I usually keep up better with supplements. Efamol Evening Primrose Oil is my favourite.


Load up on fruits that end with -berries; they are packed with anti-oxidants. Cranberries, Strawberries, Blueberries are very healthy snacks.

In treating hormonal imbalance, the gut flora also has an effect on how hormones are metabolized. Not to worry about the plenty science. With a good probiotics like the Garden of Life Dr Formulated Women’s Probiotics, you are well covered.


For those that cannot keep up with the gym, 15mins of slow jogging daily can make a lot of difference.

Certain Herbs such like Maca, Fenugreek, Turmeric, and Milk Thistle promote hormonal balance and reduce chances of degeneration.

Not to forget to flush out those toxins by drinking clean water.

Hormones are important for regulating different processes in the body. No surprises then, that even the slightest imbalance can leave us feeling weird. I hope my few tips have helped in restoring your balance.

I will love to hear from you, kindly drop your comments below.

Take good care!

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